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A Great Reminder

February 23, 2013

I spent some time at the campground the past two Saturdays showing some new folks the property. It was a great reminder of how peaceful and simple life is at our up north get-away. There were a few ice houses on the lake, several deer tracks throughout the property, open water down by the Hickory/Pine stream, our bald eagle was feasting on something about 100 feet offshore and the squirrels were enjoying the extra peace and quiet.

We met some great people these past two Saturdays. A few of them decided to join us and the rest are still thinking about it. One of the comments from a woman today was "I can tell how well you maintain and care for the property even with all this snow covering everything."

We are nearing the end February, so I'm sure March will go quickly and then we can start gearing up for the summer camping season. I'm looking forward to seeing all those familiar faces again, watching the kids reunite and play their many outdoors games, as well as see open water again.