Sample Seasonal Site Rental Agreement

The renter agrees to abide by the rules, regulations and policies of the Hickory Lake Campground Cooperative Association (henceforth "the Cooperative").

All sites are currently for sale. If during this lease term Big K Resort, LLC receives a bona fide purchase offer from a prospective buyer, the renter will have the right of first refusal to make a purchase offer within a reasonable time. If the renter does not make and/or succeed with their purchase offer, the renter agrees to re-locate, within a reasonable time frame, to a different site that is agreeable to both the renter and Big K Resort, LLC.

Seasonal site rental is due in three equal installments and payable to Hickory Lake Campground. The first one-third is due by October 1 of each year, the second one-third is due February 15, and the final one-third is due May 1. If not paid in full by May 10, an additional 10 percent per month charge of the unpaid balance will be added until balance is paid in full.

Rental of a seasonal site allows the renters to be on campground property from May 1 to September 30.

Site rental includes water, septic and metered electric. Seasonal electric usage is calculated and billed to the renter. Water will be turned on in May and shut off at the end of September (depending on frost conditions). The Cooperative determines when to turn the water supply on and off.

A seasonal site is rented by one family. A family is defined as an individual or couple and their unmarried, school age children living at home. 

Any individual not a part of the family as defined in the lease agreement are considered visitors. Renters must always be present when their visitors are at the campground. The renters must register their visitors upon arrival per Cooperative policies. Renters are responsible for their visitors. There is a limit of 6 guests at one time.

Only one RV/trailer/camper and one vehicle are allowed per rental site. Any extra vehicles must be parked in the overflow area.

All seasonal units must be a clean, neat looking RV/trailer/camper less than 15 years old or approved by the Cooperative. No buses or mobile homes are permitted. All seasonal units, including replacement units, must be approved by the Cooperative prior to set up.

Rental sites must be kept neat and clean at all times.

Renters agree to keep their pets leashed at all times, quiet and clean up all messes. Any damages or injuries caused by renter’s pets are the sole responsibility of the pet owner.

The Cooperative must approve of any deck or platform additions or modifications on the rental site. You may construct a neat door step, deck or platform no wider than eight feet and no longer than the length of your trailer. Any deck/platform larger than 32 square feet (for example 4’X8’) requires a permit from Aitkin County. Failure to obtain the necessary permit may result in fines from Aitkin County, which will be the sole responsibility of the renter.

No permanent screened in porches, gazebos, TV antennas or satellite dishes are allowed without prior approval from the Cooperative. 

You may have one nice looking storage container (for example Rubbermaid) on your rental site. No homemade storage containers allowed.

No cutting or removal of trees, brush or other vegetation is allowed on the rental site or anywhere on campground property.

Renters agree not to flush paper, feminine hygiene products or other foreign items into the septic system.

If you sell your RV/trailer/camper while at the campground, you must remove it immediately unless prior approval has been obtained from the Cooperative. This rental site does not get transferred to the new owner of your RV/trailer/camper.

Rental sites may not be sublet.

There are no partial seasonal rates. If you choose to leave your rental site before the end of the term, you will be forfeiting the full seasonal rental amount.

If you are given the option to renew your rental site for the following year, you may leave your RV/trailer/camper on the rental site during the winter at no extra charge. If you are not planning to return, you must remove all your belongings by September 30.

The Cooperative is not liable for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property, however caused, on the rental site.

The Cooperative reserves the right to evict the renters with reasonable cause. The renters would be given 30 days notice and no refund.

Violation of published campground rules may result in immediate eviction with no refund.

Deck Permit Process
All deck plans must be approved by the co-op board prior to application for an Aitkin County building permit. Decks may not exceed 275 square feet.

Submit deck plans to Scott at After approval, the site owner is responsible for obtaining the necessary Aitkin County permits.

The county permit form is available here.

Download an example permit, filled out for Hickory Lake Campground.

For more information, including the permit fee schedule, see:
Aitkin County Planning & Zoning / Environmental Services
209 2nd Street NW, Room 100
Aitkin, MN 56431
Phone: 218-927-7342
Fax: 218-927-4372