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    Some neat camping hacks you probably don’t know

    Been a camper all your life? Here are some hacks and tips which will blow your mind:

    1. You know those foam tiles which you have in the kid’s room? They are great for making your tent floor softer.
    2. If you have one of those plastic water jugs you can use it as an efficient and romantic lantern by wrapping the band of a headlight around it and pointing the light inward.
    3. You can do the same with a jar, or paint it with glow in the dark paint to create a great looking and cheap DIY lantern.
    4. Stir up your own natural tick detergent by mixing one part tea tree oil with two parts water. Pour it in a spray bottle and go ahead and spray your boots, socks and the cuff of your pants with it.
    5. Make your DIY reliable matchbox by buying some strike-anywhere matches and gluing a piece of sandpaper on the top of the box.
    6. Spices can conveniently be stored and used by putting them in empty tic-tac boxes. Make sure you label them properly so that you don’t get your delicious camp meal all mixed up!
    7. You can store small quantities of various topical creams, antibiotics or toothpaste in cut pieces of plastic straws. Use a lighter to safely seal up the ends.
    8. You can make your own convenient coffee bags by filling coffee filters with your favorite blend of coffee and tying them on top with dental floss or something else. When you are outdoors all you need to do is pop one of these in a cup of boiling hot water and you will have a wonderful cup of coffee ready to be enjoyed.
    9. Use a vegetable peeler to peel off slices of soap from a soap bar in order to make single-use quantities, as well as for treating mosquito bites.
    10. You can use an old belt and several hooks to keep your camp kitchen tidy. Wrap the belt around a tree and hang your pots, pans or mugs on the hooks.
    11. Use an old Altoids tin or an empty prescription bottle to pack your own mini first aid kit.
    12. If you love pancakes, you can make a dry pre-mix which you can easily use when you are camping. Just use dry milk and shortening, so you don’t need to refrigerate it.

    So, get started with these tips and get ready for an unforgettable camping summer!